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The Doncaster Promise is an agreement between business and education to support the borough’s plan: to build a growing, productive and inclusive local economy.

The Doncaster Promise is a jointly agreed set of entitlements and expectations between businesses, learning institutions and the local public sector. These were developed through a wide-ranging consultation over the course of summer 2019.

The Doncaster Promise will be a division by organisation of expectations (things you do) and entitlements (things you are entitled to receive), with Opportunities Doncaster having overall accountability for the operation of the Promise itself.

Sign the Doncaster Promise today and pledge your business’ commitment to supporting the schools, colleges and young people who would benefit most.

Sign the Doncaster Promise now!

Five key objectives

01. Labour and productivity

02. Meaningful encounters

03. Curriculum for life

04. High quality all-age CEIAG

05. Facilitative public sector


Acting as a single point of contact for business, learning institutions and public sector organisations, Opportunities Doncaster holds overall accountability for the operation and delivery of the Doncaster Promise. We work with businesses and learning institutions to ensure that they can access the support they need to develop the local skills base and support the five key objectives of the Promise.


Doncaster Promise

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